3 Different Ways To Download Music From Youtube On Your Computer

Don’t you agree with the statement that everyone deserves to have a little music in their life? A little tune playing in the background of your shopping will keep you upbeat. A soothing song before bed will get you to sleep quicker. Your favorite song will instantly boost your mood and make you sing along. Well, why don’t you get that favorite song downloaded? It’s really easy by youtube music downloader.

I’ll show you different ways to get that long list of favorites of yours to be downloaded off the internet so you can play it even without an internet connection! Faster access to that source of energy means you can get that booster without the need to use your mobile data or a music streaming app! So read along as I tell you how to download mp3 from youtube.

YtMp3 MP3 Converter

You are definitely no stranger when it comes to using an mp3 converter like this. You know what to do, right? Most of what I’m going to tell you is probably going to repeat since it is such a basic procedure. With YtMp3, you just open their website on the browser of your choice, pull up the song you want to download, and plug the link of it into the converter. That’s it!

There is something a little special with YtMp3, though. You can’t download anything over an hour, so downloading an anime movie is out of the question. Other than that, you are free to download anything you want! There’s something cool about this converter. You can use it on your mobile device, so if you’re going to download anything on there, then feel free to use it!


This is probably the most diverse yet simplest converter to use. They support plenty of different file formats, from your basic MP3 to the more complicated WebM. You have the choice of choosing whatever format you want without restrictions! You can download more than one if you want to, that’s one of the beauties of using GenYoutube.

The process is the same. You have to open GenYoutube on your browser and get the link of the song you want to download, then paste it into the top of the GenYoutube page, and you can start your file conversion. Alternatively, you can put “gen” in the youtube like itself. “Youtube.com” would turn into “Genyoutube.com,” bringing you to the download page.

MediaHuman’s Youtube 2 MP3 Converter

This video converter functions the same as the other 2 converters that we listed, but there’s a little twist with this one. You’re going to need to download it from the MediaHuman website. Don’t worry, you can use it over and over again like any other converter, they even work the same, so there won’t be any confusion. Just copy and paste the link right into the app!


Being able to download any song you want online is a big positive thing for everyone! With the expense of a little effort, you can listen to all of your favorite songs on-the-go, without spending too much money! No need for you to spend a couple of dollars on music streaming apps that require you to pay a subscription to access all of their songs and download freely Youtube to ogg.

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