3 benefits of having dashcam installed in your car

As a driver, there is nothing more upsetting than an avoidable and stupid mistake which you cannot let go off your mind. But of course, you can never erase it from your memory completely. However, you can make things better and put yourself in a better position after this incident — if you have a dash cam installed in your car. Instant access to your car as soon as it gets stolen or if you’re involved in an accident, Parking ticket and fine reduction after showing the footage on your dashcam rather than claiming insurance, Reduced stress and chaos of never knowing if you can trust the other party involved. So if you are convinced and gonna buy one, then you can grab some top of the line dash cams from autopro.com.au.

Insurance claims

If you have had an accident in the past few years, you are probably aware that your car insurance rates are likely to go up again. This is because the number of accidents has increased, leading to higher repair and claims expenses. Statistics show that there was a 14% rise in the number of accidents in 2011, and these crashes also cost more than they did two years ago. The cost of repairing damage to property and vehicles rose by 15%, while personal injury costs rose by 22%. Dashboard cams can be a great investment for your driving habit. Dash cams are nothing new, but they’re growing in popularity because people can get good use out of them. So, whether you’re just starting your driving career or already have years behind you, cameras can benefit your lifestyle.


There are many outstanding reasons why a family should consider getting one of these systems for their teen drivers. The system allows the parents to be fully aware of their teen drivers driving habits. The system can help keep them safe when driving by allowing the parents to see what is going on inside and outside of the vehicle when driving incidents occur, such as an incident involving texting while driving. The concept was designed after a terrifying car accident in which the driver was not responsible for the crash. Insurance companies told the driver’s family that their kid was responsible for the crash and had to pay $30,000 in damages and medical bills. It didn’t take long before the driver, and his family realized their dash camera captured irrefutable video proof that their son did nothing wrong.

Crash for cash

In most states of Australia, you are required by law to have a dashcam installed in your car. If an accident occurs, it will help protect you from scammers trying to extort money from your insurance company. In the UK, they call this scam “crash for cash”. It is very common and happens hundreds if not thousands of times a year! Dashcam footage provides proof in the case of an accident to protect you against fraudulent claims. These days there are numerous dash cams available to purchase on Amazon. However, not all of them provide the best proof needed to fight the scammers.

These scams were known as ‘crash for cash, but they have been around for decades in the UK. In those cases, a driver would purposefully cause an accident to collect money from an insurance company after ducking out of the way. There is no physical collision in this second scam, and it typically takes place at high speed on a high-speed road. The scammer intentionally tails you while staying at a safe distance. When your car brakes suddenly to make a turn or change lanes, they will do the same. This may go on for a while until you get fed up with this rude behavior and attempt to lose them by hitting the gas. You might notice that they quickly speed up to stay with you.

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