15 Unique Method To Decorating Student Apartment ( Cheap Ways )

Well if you are a college student and you have already decided in which university you are going to study and whether you are going to rent your own apartment or just going to live in a hostel the one thing that comes in your mind is how you are going to decorate your apartment room so it feels like a home and also gives you a sense of freedom and independence. 

So for this, there are so many ways you can decorate your house even in your budget and surely it will not cost the universe to you. 

Here are some guidelines from how to choose your bedding to how to place lamps so that it will look beautiful so let’s just have a read.

Different Ways To Decorate A Student Room:

  • The perfect bedding: The first thing you should do is to set up the perfect place where you can lay down and relax after a hard day. For this you can buy new cushions, new bedsheets, new quilts, and new pillows. 
  • Design a headboard: if you think that your bed is looking little dull then you can also design your own headboard which will not just give your bed a new look but also will help you to take give a rest to your shoulders what you have to do is just go to a hardware shop and buy a decent looking wooden plank and then decorate it with fabric or anything you want.
  • Buy a small size sofa: Sofa is the kind of furniture which always gives a very pretty look and it is the place where you can take cozy naps and also read books, play video games and just enjoy your time, there are different kinds of sofas like loveseat, futon which will look good in your room or you can simply purchase a new couch covers to give a new look to your old sofa.
  • Make your own rug: now if we are talking about sofas then a rug is a compulsory add on which you should place in your room, just buy a new rug of cheap quality and paint it with fabric colors you will get the best result.
  • Decorate fairy lights/ lamps: decorating fairy lights on the wall is the cheapest and the greatest way to give a lively look to your walls, these beautiful lights will light up your room and will look like heaven if you are not, much interested in fairy lights and you are a boy and they look girlish then you can try to put lamps on a tiny table near your bed or sofa it will look astonishing. 
  • Place room plants: Nowadays room plants are getting very popular. They do not just decorate your room neatly but also freshen up your room and give you fresh oxygen. Even if you live in the main city you will always feel freshen up because of these plants.
  • Hang photos on the wall: hanging photos is one of the best ideas to decorate your room because it will not just look so pretty but also it will make you feel like your home and whenever you miss someone just sees them happy, you can use decorative vines and also strings to hang photos on the wall or also you can paste them.
  • Place a memo board: a memo board will help you in many ways you can put your chit notes on it and your time table and even if you can paste your photos it will look perfect in all ways.
  • Colored/ glitter tapes: if you have colored or glittered tapes it will help your wall to look even prettier. What you have to do is just make some geometrical designs like a building or a sunset and it will give you a very stylish and decent look to your wall.
  • Bookshelves: the place where you keep your books should be neat and should be placed in an organized way for this you can choose anything to make a bookshelf you have already then it’s good otherwise you can also make it by using an old ladder and color it with some paint and there you go you have your own made bookshelf.
  • Medium-sized mirrors: mirrors have always counted as part of classy decor items they will not just give a fancy and upscale look but also make the room look bigger and most important you will not find it difficult to see how you look while going out.
  • Give your desk an innovative look: your desk should look so amazing and organized because this is the place where you are going to spend most of your time for studies so for this, a perfect magazines rap is compulsory a pen pot one small clock so you will never get late for anything and keep everything clean and tidy.
  • Wall tapestry: if you are not much into art or drawing then in the place of glittered tape you can use wall tapestry they come in different designs and colors and also are very cheap they will give you a very pretty look to your room.
  • Calendar: a calendar is a brilliant idea to hang up on the wall. It will not just make you punctual for everything but also give a smart look to your wall. You can highlight the important dates and will never forget your friends’ birthdays and also your exam dates.
  • Use a corkboard: if you are able to find a corkboard or you are already having this board you can use it to hang up your keys and also other accessories. It is a new and stylish way of hanging necessities.


So these are all the best ideas to decorate an amazing room which gives you the great feeling every time you enter your room and also gives you the picture-perfect look which you can post on Instagram and surely your friends will always praise your style of decorating your room, now this is the time to brag about your style using simple ways to make your room prettier, cozier, nicer and attractive.

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