13 Fresh Instagram Themes to Inspire your Brand

Instagram is all about amazing aesthetics and people are literally going crazy in making their profiles stand out. So, with everyone investing and trying to make good profiles, you must not stand aside and you must do things too. If you have been looking for ideas, you have landed to the right place as we have mentioned some amazing themes you can try and how you can implement them.

Golden Minimalism

Golden and rose gold is an amazing color which you can use as themes as it portrays the unique beauty and make elegant statements. If you want to opt for this theme, you can opt for soft textures and structured shapes with golden hues to add a touch of minimalism to the profile. You can keep the backgrounds white which adds to the ultimate effect of the profile. This theme is a perfect option for jewelry brands, interior design brands, skincare brands, and beauty brands. use our Instagram Automation tool generate amazing hashtags

Sunset Tones

In this theme, you have to incorporate fresh teal colors and earthy browns to add those autumn vibes to the profile along with natural motifs. You can use this theme by adding blues and oranges to add the sunset-y colors to the profile. This theme is a perfect option for fashion brands, lifestyle brands, outdoorsy brands, and the location-focused brands

Modern & Clean

This theme is all airy, bright, and fresh and that is a real art. You have to use the right colors and theme needs to be mixed and quotes needed to be added as well. This theme can be used by adding light colors and pastels to the profile and the bold backgrounds but you need to avoid the patterns. This theme is a perfect option for designing brands, branding agencies, and creative agencies.


In this theme, bold imageries have to capture while they are in motion while putting a focus on human elements to ensure the dynamic content. Buy Instagram Likes, This theme can be used by making a collection of imagery. This theme is a perfect option for exercise brands, leisure brands, health brands, and well-being brands.

Textured Beauty

In this theme, you have to add surfaces to the profile and add three-dimensional pictures. This theme can be used by mixing images, videos, and add textures as well. This theme is a perfect option for the beauty brands, swimwear brands, and fashion brands

Color Pops

In this theme, you play with colors and to make an impactful effect on the followers and audience. If you have black and white photos, you can add subtle colors to make the pictures stand out and pop out. This theme can be implemented by adding simple colorful effects on the plain background or black and white pictures. This theme is a perfect option for the tips sharing brands and informative brands

Frame Play

In this theme, you make the square photos and add the frames along with it align the profile effectively. You can create this theme by adding simple frames from the photo editing applications. This theme is a perfect option for edgy brands, fashion brands, and photography brands.

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