123freemovies – Top Chart of 2023

123freemovies is one of the best online movie portals to watch and stream free HD movies online. If you’re seeking a website that isn’t illegal and suits your taste in movies, this is the perfect one for you with the media you want. It has a huge list of amazing movies and TV shows from old to new releases and of different genres.

Although the site 123freemovies got removed from the internet due to illegality issues. Due to its high demand and great quality of movies and shows, it is again available. This time the site is named a Go stream and is completely legal, causing no issues.

List of top 2022 movies on 123freemovies

Here’s a list of top 2022 movies available on Go stream (123freemovies) prepared for you to choose your personal favorites from 123movies:


A Comedy classic that is a must-watch for everyone craving a burst of laughter on their weekdays on 123freemovies. In a story starting on the day of high school graduation, two academic geniuses and best friends realize how they’ve wasted their time on so much work. They realize that they should have worked less instead and played more, so; they decide to sum up all their four years of fun into one night. An exciting night that becomes their best time ever with extreme comedy is the perfect Saturday night pick for you. This movie will make you admire it every time you watch it.





Wild Rose

Are you a classic musical fan who craves Drama too? But don’t seem to find amazing movies that fit just that taste of yours perfectly. If that’s the case, then here’s a great movie on 123freemovies you will love. Packed with interesting music and drama, a story of a young and troubled Glaswegian woman who dreams of becoming a Nashville country star and goes through some issues and obstacles to get there. This one’s a perfect entertainment dose with a musical touch to keep you entertained.





Avengers: Endgame

This Action-packed Adventure & Fantasy Movie is a sequel to all the avengers’ movies and is said to be the last part to be made. As much as Avenger’s last movies were praised, this one was no less. This movie was a big hit due to its amazing ending and storyline. It shows how the universe is in ruins after the devastating effects of infinite wars. With the help of the remaining allies, the Avengers try to undo all of Thanos’s actions and bring back order to the universe.





Long Shot

A perfect combination of comedy & romance will make you appreciate your choice of watching it. The story portrays how a young guy reunites with his first crush and charms her. Her crush, who is also one of the world’s most influential women, prepares for the run for Presidency and hires the young guy as her speechwriter. Their journey of unity and romance will surely keep you dwelling in it.





See You Yesterday

123freemovies introduces this Action, Adventure & Crime based movie as a newly released gift of excitement for all action-adventure lovers. An interesting story of two best friends building a pair of time machines for a special reason for using it so that they can save the life of one’s (CJs) brother. An exciting rollercoaster of creating a time machine and saving relations that is sure to keep you all dived inside the story.





High Life

If you’re an adventure movie lover, this movie is something you shouldn’t miss out on. The Drama, Adventure, and Horror genre of the movie portraying the story of a father and a daughter keeps the viewers’ interest intact. The story revolves around how the father and daughter struggle to survive in deep space while living in complete isolation.





Fast Color

This Drama, Sci-Fi, and thriller-based movie revolve around an interesting story of a woman. Although she abandoned her family years earlier, one is the only safe place for her to hide at. The story continues as the woman discovers her superhuman abilities and powers when she is forcefully sent on a run. The amazing drama, emotions, and story plot rollercoaster make this a must-watch for 123freemovies fans.




These top 2022 movies are a must-watch for everyone on 123freemovies to keep the dose of entertainment up-to-date. So, watch them on the 123Movies website for free and in excellent quality to have the best experience and amazing time.




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