123anime: Top Alternatives for Watching Animes

123anime is an online Chinese streaming portal for watching free Anime. It is a platform for anime lovers, offering a massive collection of anime content. Anime is not only a cartoon that only kids can watch. It is animation based on solid content. Users can enjoy different genres of Anime like action, horror, adventure, drama, romance, and many more.

Different categories are used on this Site for different actions. The main feature of this Site is to provide content for the people globally. It provides translating features for other countries. Users can translate their favorite Anime into English.

123anime Alternatives

123anime Site is one of the best Anime streaming sites, which may have thousands of anime content that contains a wide range of genres for streaming, such as action, romance, dramas, etc. We have an option for some sites that may be similar to the 123anime Site because of their functions, features, and contents.


Kickassanime is one of the amazing sites among anime lovers that offers the best features for local and foreign users. This site offers thousands of anime content of various genre filters. With its user-friendly interface, lovers can search for their desired anime on Kickassanime to follow a simple method. Kickassanime is offering subtitle and dubbing features for foreign users.

They have the facility to translate their favorite content into the English language. This Site also contains some features regarding video quality, such as offering HD video quality ranging from 240 pixels to 1040 pixels.


Kissanime is one of the best Anime streaming sites in the world. It contains a huge library of content like movies and TV shows. It also offers an Incredible Genre filter where you can easily find out your desired topic with the help of your needs. It also offers Anime, released from 1958 to 2023.

This is the best facility to access your desired data with the help of these features. This site also contains an app for tablet and mobile phone users to enhance their experience on their devices. The APK system of this site is so incredible and easy to use. you can download it from the Google Play Store.


KissCartoon is the best Site for anime streaming and a unique platform for anime lovers. We can’t take Anime as a simple cartoon that kids watch. But it is an animation series based on solid content. It is the most popular way to watch Anime on KissCartoon

KissCartoon is a well-known site for its free content service. You can watch your favorite movies and series on this platform for free. The Kisscartoon app is also available on the Google Play Store, where you can download its APK for a better experience on your devices.


MasterAnime is the latest version of anime sites, which offers advanced features and functions for its users. It allows the audience to experience high-quality anime videos on Masteranime, making them feel like they are in the real world. Masteranime is a way of streaming anything and anywhere in the world.

The interface used in this Site is richer than that of other sites. You can access and search anything. This is the best platform for streaming massive amounts of content in a single platform.


Pikahd is an amazing Funland for lovers of Anime around the world. This Site contains some of the best features and functions for foreign lovers of Anime. It provides subtitle and dubbing options for the users.

Now, users from any country can watch their favorite Anime with English subtitles or dubbing. The content offered by this Site is massive in size. Anime lovers can get any data from this Site as they demand.


WccoForever is the best-known Site for streaming favorite cartoons and Anime. It contains many genres where you can search any content without issue. It is a platform where you can watch your favorite Anime, movies, and cartoons without paying any subscription. It can be the best alternative to 123 anime because of its functionalities. It is also the safest and most secure platform for the users of anime sites.


Zorox is the best and most unique Site for lovers of Anime. It offers a huge collection of anime content for watchers. Zorox contains a massive range of genre filters on this Site. In which you can watch anything without hesitation.

The main feature of this platform is to provide facilities for foreigners. Zorox contains subtitle and dubbing features for foreigners, allowing them to translate their favorite anime into English. The interface used in this platform is so simple that you can search for anything very easily. it contains the best facility 


Animetake is another best alternative to the 123anime. It is the best platform that offers free streaming of anime shows and series. It has become a popular resource for anime lovers, with a massive content collection and a user-friendly interface. It brings you to the fantasy world of Anime, where you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment. Animetake is a platform where you don’t have to pay any charges for watching Anime.


This is the best alternative to 123anime, which has awesome features for anime lovers. It is the ultimate platform for anime lovers, where users can experience Japanese culture. Aniplus offers massive anime content based on several genre filters where you can easily access your desired anime content. 

With the help of an easy navigation system, you can search for anything. This platform also offers the option to create and share your content on this Site. This is just like a unique feature for anime lovers around the world.


Dubbedanime is a well-known alternative to the 123anime platform that offers Anime with 1080 Pixels. The best quality of anime videos can make your experience more effective and give you the best experience of watching anime with HD results. The best thing about this site is that it provides subtitle and dubbing modes for foreigners.

If the audience of this site doesn’t know Japanese, they can enjoy their anime content in English. It is safe to use if we talk about its security and safety. According to the different users, the safety level on this Site is positive. However, it is necessary to have some antiviruses and ad blockers to protect your system from different viruses and malware.


Funimation is a Sony-owned entertainment company located in the US. This is an incredible platform that offers a vast amount of anime collections. It offers dubbing and subtitle modes for the audience from other countries. On this platform, you can translate your favorite Anime into English to enhance your excitement. 

With this platform, you have limited access to watching animation with 1080 pixels without paying any cost but you have to bear ads. If you want to enjoy this platform with no ads and full HD video, you must purchase a premium package of $7 per month. Funimation is the best Site for keeping its content updated over time. 

What is 123anime?

123anime is an incredible platform with fantastic features and content for anime lovers. This Site is gaining popularity based on its huge collection of anime content in different genres. If you look at this Site, it contains a very friendly interface for the user.

It provides updated data for every anime lover. This Site believes in keeping its data updated regularly. The followers of this Site are going to the peak of its innovative and extensive library of Anime.

Platform Name123anime
TypeOnline watching Anime
Primary audienceAnime enthusiasts
Key featuresUser-friendly interface, quick updates, extensive data
Platform baseWeb-based
Navigation toolsSearch bar, Genre filter
Future prospectsExpect to be more advanced in features and more extensive in data.

Features of 123anime?

123anime contains many features and functions for anime lovers worldwide, which can enhance the user experience of watching anime content. Some other sites can be similar to 123anime because of some features and functions.

Extensive Contents

123anime is the best platform for the users of anime sites. This Site offers an incredible collection of content for anime lovers. 123 is just like the extensive library of contents with many genre filters.

Friendly and easy interface

123anime Site is a user-friendly interface offering an easy and simple navigation system to make your search easy. With the help of this interface, users can easily search for their desired topic without facing any obstacles.

Free Subscription

This Site is based on a free subscription. Users can watch and download their desired anime videos without paying any cost. This type of feature of any site remains the best impression on the user’s mind.

Data updated

123anime focuses on doing something different from other anime sites. This Site is famous for keeping its data updated. Viewers do not have to wait any longer for new data on this Site.

Subtitle and Dubbed mode

It is the best feature for users in other countries. This Site contains a translation option for the English user. The user has offered to translate his favorite Anime into English.

Is 123anime legal?

123anime is a legal site. This Site ensures that the content on this platform should be according to the copyright law. But many factors can affect the legality of this Site. Various laws and regulations of different countries can also affect the legality of 123anime.

Some countries’ laws and regulations about these sites are so restrictive, not allowing these kinds of sites under country borders.

Is 123anime Safe?

123anime is a very safe and secure Site for the user as it provides a positive safety score according to the reviews. However, the user is supposed to have the latest antivirus and ad blocker to protect their system from viruses or malware because different ads and popups containing viruses can affect your system with viruses.

Is 123anime down?

123anime is the best Site for anime lovers. But sometimes it faces downtime because of server problems and high traffic issues.

Does 123anime have viruses?

123anime is safe and secure for every user to use. Its security score is positive, according to user reviews. But one thing must be said about this Site. These kinds of pirated sites should be used with proper care and security. You should have updated the antivirus and added a blocker to your system. Sometimes, you may face ads containing viruses that can affect your system.

How do you download Anime from 123anime?

You can download your desired anime video from this Site very simply. To download anime videos from this platform, we need Videopower RED software.

It is the best software that allows you to edit and convert audio and videos. This software has a built-in browser, which may be under the detect menu.

  • Firstly, you have to browse 123anime on this browser. 
  • After that, you type a link address for the video of your choice in the top bar menu. The software will then auto-connect to the video played and download it with this simple procedure.
  • You can see the status of your downloads under the downloading tab.
  • After the download, go to the completed tab to find the downloaded 123 anime video. Then, you can double-click the downloaded file to play your downloaded video.


123anime is the best streaming site in Japan, offering the best and most extensive content library for anime enthusiasts. It covers nearly every genre to find out the users’ favorite Anime. This platform offers dubbed and subtitled options for users from foreign countries. With the help of a user-friendly interface, anyone can find anything using a simple navigation system.

We have also found similar sites that can be alternatives to 123anime because of their features and functions. However, this Site has been shut down for some time, and users can use alternatives to get the best services.

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