11 Ways to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm in Cold Weather during Hunting

Hunters have to deal with the changing weather and drastic conditions. Especially those who hunt during cold weather or in cold regions have to take care of certain things before hunting. Not only do they have to deal with the frosty weather but also maintain their body temperature. Several deer hunters have to wait for unimaginable long lengths of time as they wait for the prey and it may lead to coldness and numbness of limbs. While Cold Weather Hunting Clothes are one way of keeping you warm, here are 11 more ways that do the job.

1. Right Food Intake

Avoiding fried, sweets and junk food is mandatory. Doing so regulates your body temperature and saves sugar levels from spiking. Instead consume high carb foods and take healthy snacks throughout the hunting.

2. Wear Quality Gloves and Socks

Yes, it’s pretty basic yet necessary advice. A pair of gloves and socks made out of synthetic material or wool will hold the body heat from escaping and sweating out. These accessories work on the basics of heat retention. Here in the US, you can choose and buy from a range of men work socks and long tube socks that not only provide support to your calf muscles, but also keep your feet warm in the harsh winter months, when you’re out hunting or trekking in the woods.

3. Wear Multiple Clothes

Layers of several clothing can do the job for you. Many find it a simple idea and consider it unworthy but the truth is that it does work. Several layers of clothes hold the heat within.

4. Keep the Head Covered

As per research, over 60% of heat loss takes place from the neck and head region. So it’s common sense to keep your head warm and save the heat from escaping your body. This way heat is retained in the feet and hands.

5. Use a Hand Muff

They target the problem area and store the heat in the limbs within. You can tie them around your waist and dunk your hands in whenever feeling cold. They act like pockets but work several times better.

6. Use Plastic Wrap

Wear gloves and socks and then secure them in plastic wrap. It definitely works by blocking the cold and minimizing the contact with skin. You can also use trash bags instead of plastic sheets.

7. Duck-Tape the Seams

Cold air can easily sneak into the clothes via seams. The best way is to duck-tape the seams. Wrap it around the socks and gloves so less air enters and fewer heat escapes. Moreover, this way the circulation will also be less.

8. Wear Good Boots

Good and quality boots never disappoint. Quality boots made of leather or thick stuff may be expensive but they keep the feet warm for good. So always invest in top-quality boots.

9. Keep Moving

Yes, this idea seems off the table since hunting demands motionless waiting for the prey. However, you can wiggle your toes and fingers for blood circulation.

10. Use a Body Suit

A bodysuit protects the body as a whole and keeps it warm. So you can opt for one in the cold weather.

11. Use a Heater

Portable and chargeable heaters can be a blessing in situations where a natural heat source is missing. If you lite a fire, it can be distracting and alarming for the prey so electric heaters are a better option.

These 11 ways can help the hunters in carrying out successful hunts and staying warm and active in a cold region. If you have some questions in mind regarding maintaining your body temperature, Click here right now!

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