11 Tips for Solo Travelers

Whether you’re traveling on business or need some time to destress, traveling alone can be a thrilling experience. Instead of letting the idea of traveling alone scare you into staying home, here are 11 tips that can help you prep for your solo adventure.

1. Research Places to Stay

Researching lodging options in advance can help you avoid single supplement fees, score lower nightly rates, and avoid low-quality places. Before booking a place to stay, research hotels or Airbnb properties. opt for places with multiple positive reviews and amenities, like free Wi-Fi. Learn more about Tips for Solo Travelers at www.seaanddesert.com

2. Avoid the Single Supplement

In some cases, cruise lines tour operators, and hotels require two visitors to share a single property. For solo travelers, travel providers charge a single supplement fee so they can meet their anticipated revenue. To avoid paying a single supplement fee, try booking with a travel provider that offers a roommate matching service.

3. Socialize With Other Travelers

Socializing with other travelers can help you break up the monotony of solo travel. Your conversations don’t have to end when your trip is over—in fact, you might even make some great, long-lasting connections while traveling solo.

4. Trust Everyone and No One

Although traveling alone is a great way to meet new people, it can also make you more vulnerable. You should feel comfortable hanging out, traveling, and connecting with fellow travelers, but don’t ask anyone to hold onto your money or belongings. Always trust your gut, and keep your distance if you’re not sure about someone.

5. Wake Up Early

If late-night bars and nightclubs don’t sound appealing, try starting your day early. Waking up earlier gives you more opportunities to sightsee alone and can help you avoid crowds at popular tourist destinations. Exploring during the daytime is also a safer option for solo travelers in larger cities.

6. Take Pictures

Whether you decide to pack your smartphone or DSLR(or mirrorless), take the time to take pictures of every spot you visit. With universal free WiFi hotspots, you can instantly share your adventure on social media or send pictures to friends and family.

Before leaving for your trip, make sure you have enough cloud picture storage available. New cloud storage options, like ibi, offer a personal cloud for your pictures and videos with no monthly subscription fees.

7. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When traveling alone, you might be intimidated by the thought of trying new things without someone by your side. But traveling alone is a great opportunity to try something new that your friends or family wouldn’t be willing to try. For instance, you can spend the day visiting an art museum or try a new kind of food.

8. Relax While You Eat

Although many solo travelers hate eating alone, meals are the perfect time to unwind and reflect on your day. Use meal times to make a plan for the rest of your day, connect with friends, or read a book. If you feel uncomfortable eating alone, opt for a café with a casual vibe.

9. Prepare for Emergencies

Travel doesn’t always do according to plan, and emergencies can happen. If you’re injured or become ill while traveling, travel insurance can cover emergency medical evacuation and hospital treatment. For peace of mind during your trip, find travel insurance with iSelect.

In addition to travel insurance, bring a list of emergency contact information, including the name of an emergency contact back home, as well as any other important phone numbers.

10. Share Your Itinerary

Before leaving, create a copy of your itinerary, including your flight times and lodging reservations, for your friends and family. If you’re traveling internationally, set aside a few minutes to register your trip with the State Department to the local embassy.

11. Enjoy Yourself

Traveling solo can be one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences you ever have. You don’t have to worry about trekking across town to somewhere your partner wants to visit—instead, you can do whatever you want to and rest whenever you need to. Take the time to reflect on your experience and indulge yourself during your trip.

While it’s fun to make memories with friends and family, traveling solo provides a unique opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, be yourself, and stop worrying about what other people think.

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