10 Things to Do When You’re Moving House

Moving house can be pretty stressful. And, in the chaos, it’s easy to forget important tasks. The best way to stay on track? A moving checklist. Here are 10 things to include.

1. Declutter your house

Start your preparation well in advance

– at least two months out from moving day, if possible. Clear out anything you won’t use anymore, and consider donating unwanted items to charity. Pack away anything you know you won’t use before moving house.

2. Book a removalist

Whether it’s moving furniture or packing up an entire house, it’s best to have a professional removalist on your side. Book as early as possible so you don’t need to worry about it again.

3. Start packing

If you’re handling your own packing, pack items in strong cardboard boxes and label everything as you go along. This ensures you know which room to offload the boxes into once you arrive in your new place.

4. Arrange pet and childcare

Moving day is really stressful for young children and pets, so ask friends or family if they don’t mind watching them on the day. Arrange this at least a few weeks in advance so you all know what’s happening.

5. Change your address details

Don’t forget to update your address details with businesses and services including:

  • Banks
  • Finance companies
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Employers
  • Utilities
  • Schools
  • Electoral Commission
  • Road authority

It’s a good idea to cancel or redirect any subscription services at this point.

6. Double check your paperwork

Make sure that everything’s going to plan and that you’ve got the right paperwork in place. Ask your lawyer a week or two in advance if there’s anything left to sign. Don’t leave this until the last minute.

Set aside key paperwork like mortgage details and title deeds and take them with you in the car on moving day.

7. Put aside an essentials box

Unless you want to spend the first night unpacking all your boxes, you need an essentials box! Here’s what to include for every member of the family.

  • Toiletries e.g. toothbrush, soap
  • Water and snacks
  • Change of clothes
  • Medication
  • Pet supplies
  • A child’s favourite toy

8. Store valuables separately

Don’t pack fragile or valuable items with your other goods. A few days out, pack your valuables in separate boxes and keep them with you on moving day.

9. Disconnect your utilities

Take final energy and water readings, and send them to your utility company. Disconnect the services before you leave the property, and make sure you’ve set up another contract at your new home.

10. Leave keys behind

Leave the house keys with your lawyer and put spare keys through the letterbox. Make sure you lock the house before you leave.


When you’re moving house, it’s important that you start your preparation well in advance. Don’t leave packing to the last minute, and ensure you book your removalist at least a few weeks before the moving date.

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