10 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Not Working

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In this article, we are going to discuss the most common reasons why your emails are not working and what you can do about this.

Reason 1 — Using a basic email signature

If you send emails mostly to friends and family, native email signatures are totally fine. But if you use email for business or work-related correspondences, those signatures are too basic to meet all the professional standards.

Using a modern email signature generator, you can create a compelling email signature that will include all the essentials such as your name, company name, title, department, phone, address, website, social media icons, company logo, photo, calls to action, and more.

Reason 2 — Not understanding your audience

Knowing or anticipating who will be reading your email is key to effective writing and increased chances of getting a response. Knowing who your recipient is, means that you need to adapt the content of your writing to address the main concerns of that person. Don’t use the terms and abbreviations your recipient might not be familiar with and don’t explain to them the things they already know.

Reason 3 — Having no social proof

You are just saying, “Our product or service is the best” instead of showing off testimonials of your satisfied customers. In emails, try to avoid making statements without proofing that they are true. Add something valuable and link it to look more professional.

Reason 4 — Never including CTAs

The easier you make it for the reader to understand what you expect them to do, the more chances that they will do so. Instead of making your recipients guess, make sure you gave them the answer with a clear call to action (CTA). For example, “Download our free eBook,” “Book a demo,” “Subscribe to our channel,” “Read our blog,” “Schedule a call,” “Shop now,” and so on.

Tip: In this case, you can take advantage of using a professional email signature. Just put a prominent CTA button or banner in your signature to make your recipient notice it easier. Do you have no email signature yet? No worries. You can create your free email signature in minutes and add a CTA to make your emails work to your advantage as soon as possible.

Reason 5 — Introducing no value

Remember the rule, “The more you give, the more you get.” The more value you will provide in your emails, the more likely people will look forward to hearing from you next time. When that happens, it won’t be difficult for you to get them to take the actions you want them to take.

What kind of value could it be? Try using discounts, special offers, free trials, original content, educational content, loyalty programs, and more.

Reason 6 — Sending emails just to send them

Before you click “Send,” always make sure your email content is worth sending out. Often people just send out information that others don’t need in the first place. So, check the previous point and don’t be that spammer who annoys people with tons of inappropriate emails.


Reason 7 — Your email isn’t personal and human-like

If you want to connect with someone, always do your best to find their name (and other personal information like your shared interests, mutual connections, etc.) Then your point will be much more impactful. “To whom it may concern” and “Dear Sir or Madam” both mean you are too lazy and hardly deserve a response.

You can also make your email more personal by signing it with your name (you can use an email signature) rather than by the whole brand.

Reason 8 — Addressing emails to too many people

When you send an email to ten people, ten of them might think: “I am so busy. Maybe someone else should reply.”

Send your email to the minimum number of people when possible. And by the way, you don’t need to use “reply all” to say thank you to one person.

Reason 9 — Not starting your message with the most important information

When you save the most important information for the end, chances are the recipient will lose patience or get distracted by something and won’t read your entire email. Sometimes, it is better to state your intention at the very beginning of the message. Then, remind the recipient again of what you expect them to do at the end.

Reason 10 — Communicating via email when you should be doing it another way

When the conversation takes a hundred emails to answer a simple question or resolve a small issue, people might get tired and stop playing a so-called email ping-pong with you. Some conversations are better via phone or face-to-face.

Final words

Email still remains the number one communication channel when it comes to business or work-related correspondences. However, when misused, it can become the number one reputation killer.

Poor email skills will not only prevent your email from getting read and replied to, but can also annoy your co-workers, boss, and partners a lot. In this article, we gathered the most common mistakes people make when they send emails.

To sum it up, here is what you should do instead:

  • Know your audience and write specifically for them;
  • Add social proof when making statements in emails;
  • Use a professional email signature to build brand recognition and create credibility;
  • Make your emails personal and more human-like;
  • Let the recipients know what you expect them to do (add a call to action);
  • Send only those emails that provide value;
  • Start your email with the most important information;
  • Don’t add too many recipients to the “To” and “CC” fields;
  • Remember that sometimes it’s better to pick up the phone or go talk to a person face-to-face.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

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