10 Great Beverages To Try In 2024

There are so many delicious beverages in the world that you need to try. From teas and coffees to cocktails and wines, the choices are seemingly endless. At Honest Food Talks, we have recipes to suit everyone’s needs, including a delicious vanilla chai tea that you’re bound to love.

If you would like some other great ideas for drinks that you need to try out this year, take a look at our recommendations below. You will love these!

10 Great Beverages To Try In 2023

1. Canned Cocktails

There are lots of delicious canned cocktails that you can try out – and there seems to be more flavours every year! You can stick to the safe options like spiced margaritas, or you can try whiskey sours, various spritzes, and palomas. Not to mention, canned cocktails are usually more affordable than going to a bar to enjoy the same flavour.

2. Bubble Tea

Also known as boba tea, this tea has taken the world by storm and is continuing to be a favourite in many countries. If you haven’t tried this drink yet, you are really missing out. You can purchase packs of boba to make at home, or you can head to your nearest boba shop to have an amazing experience.

3. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a classic, sure, but there are varieties out there that you could only dream of. You could head to any Starbucks to experiment with flavours, or you could make your own drinks like a pro. Whichever option you prefer, iced coffee can be a delicious and versatile drink. Like our vanilla chai tea latte, many iced coffees can actually be enjoyed hot or cold!

4. Rum

It looks like rum is having a renaissance! Not only can rum have a delightful flavour of its own, but it can also be used in a variety of drinks (such as cocktails). Take the time to try out some different rums this year – provided you’re old enough!

5. TikTok-Tails

With the continuing rise of TikTok, there have been a number of wonderful creations that have come from the app over the years. One of the most fun creations are all the cocktails that have become popular! As such, it would be a shame to ignore all those delightful flavours, so you should definitely make the time to try out a recipe or two.

6. Iced Tea

Like iced coffee, iced tea will always have a special place in many of our hearts. This is a particularly great drink for the summer, and you can easily make your own at home rather than purchasing it from the store. Be sure to experiment with flavours and tea types if you are planning on making your own!

7. Matcha Drinks

Matcha is delicious, and so versatile. You don’t need to stick to matcha desserts, because drinks work wonderfully, too. There are matcha cocktails, lattes, green teas, and so much more for you to try out. Just search for matcha recipes, and you will have some incredible recipes to try out in 2023!

8. English Wines

The English wine industry has almost doubled in the last two years – and for good reason! If you haven’t had the chance to try out English wines, then we would definitely recommend getting your hands on some. Since England has become recognised as a wine-producing region, these wines will only get more recognised internationally.

9. Herbal Tea

There are so many herbal teas out there to try out – chamomile, rooibos, butterfly pea flower, and lavender to name a few! If we had to give you one recommendation, we would have to suggest the stunning purple-blue butterfly pea flower tea. You won’t be able to get enough of this beautiful drink, and you can make many different drinks with it!

10. Mocktails

Finally, you can go down the low or no alcohol route for 2023 and stay on top of your health. Don’t think that you are giving up the incredible flavour, though, because mocktails are just as delicious as the real thing – if not better. The best part is that you can easily get mocktails from a can, or maybe even a bottle, if you don’t feel like making one for yourself.


You don’t need to stick to the regular drinks in 2023 – there are lots of sun options to try out this year. Take advantage of the creativity of people, and enjoy everything that the world has to offer in the form of canned cocktails, bubble tea, iced coffee, and so much more.

Buy drinks from the store, or even make your own if you are able to. The results will never disappoint you.

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