10 Gifts Any Parent Will Appreciate

We all love our parents. They raised us and cared for us until we were able to care for ourselves. If you have friends that are new parents, you might want to think about getting some gifts for them to help them in their parenting journey. Here are some great choices they’re sure to love!

#1 Black+Decker Handheld Dustbuster

Kids make messes. Lots of messes. Big messes, small messes, it’s just messes everywhere.

While you’ll certainly want to do a deep cleaning with a large vacuum at some point, having a handheld vacuum handy can be a real lifesaver if you need to clean up something really fast.

The true power in this handheld vacuum is its small size, so you can bring to pretty much any location in the house that needs a quick cleaning.

#2 Soothing Bath Salts

A soothing bath can be a tremendously relaxing moment for parents, and having a nice soak with some bath salts can make it even better.

A gift of a shea butter bath salt set can aid in that with soothing scents like eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and more. Not only will they have a relaxing bath, the aromas are sure to revitalize them as well.

#3 Pacifier Thermometer

Most babies love pacifiers. If they’re cranky, just give them one of these and they’ll usually be satisfied. And then you have times when baby might not be feeling so well, and you need to check their temperature.

Here’s where the pacifier thermometer comes in. It combines both of those needs into one. It’s a pacifier all the time and a thermometer when you need you need it.

#4 Mr. Food Face Plate

Every new parent will learn that babies love to play with their food. As much as we might try to teach them not to, they’re always going to want to try to get away with it.

You might as well embrace their curiosity and give them their food on Mr. Face Plate, with a face that they can play with to make all kinds of goofy faces. Who said you can’t play with your food?

#5 Photo Books of Their Newborn Child

Pictures paint a thousand words, and pictures of a newborn are among the best kinds of pictures a parent can have.

A photobook will let the parents cherish the memories of the babies for a long time, and eventually the babies themselves will be old enough to see and appreciate their younger years.

#6 Tile Pro, a Small Item Tracker

It’s easy to misplace things. Your keys, your phone, your planner, anything, really.

With Tile Pro, you can rest assured that if you misplace something, or if the baby hides it, you’ll be able to find it relatively easily.

You can use either the phone app or the Tile itself (by pressing the button) to find your things, whether it be your keys, phone, or the TV remote which you’ll need to spend the rest of the night relaxing after the kids are put to bed.

#7 Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes you just need to drown out all the noise of the world and relax. When the kids are taken care of, you’ll want something to make sure you don’t get bothered when it’s downtime.

With these wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, you can rest assured that you won’t be jostled out of your soundscapes or relaxing music by outside noise.

#8 Baby Shusher Sleep Machine

Sometimes the baby just doesn’t want to go to sleep.

They’ll need some shushing from time to time. But it can be tiring for the parents to do all of the shushing themselves all the time. That’s where the Baby Shusher comes in.

It can be set to either 15 or 30 minutes so if the little takes a bit longer to go out, you’ll be prepared. With a real human voice and adjustable volume, you’ll be able to take the strain off your own voice with the help of this handy little machine.

#9 Home Cleaning Services

As we’ve discussed, babies and kids can be awfully adept at making messes. Sometimes those messes can be a little too much for the parents to handle themselves, so a good gift might be the gift of cleaning in the form of a service.

Give the parents a break with a professional cleaning service that will take the brunt of the work off their shoulders, and maybe even get to places in the house that have been neglected if it hasn’t been frequented by the kids.

This would make a great gift for anyone, but especially for parents who’ve been spending all day taking care of the little ones.

#10 Expecting You Pregnancy Journal

Naturally, you’ll want to give this gift long before the baby is actually born, but it’ll make the journey to birth that much more exciting.

With this, the parents will be able to record the things going on while the baby is developing, so that one day, they’ll be able to read the tale of their parents as they were preparing for their arrival.

This might seem too personal of a gift to get for somebody, but if you’re good friends with them and they’ve trusted you with the news that they’re expecting, they will likely love the thought that you put into choosing something that will let them make memories.

Final Thoughts

So if you’ve got some friends that are new to parenting, think about these or other gifts for them as a thoughtful gesture to show your support for them.

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