10 Fashion Brands That Have Top-notch Instagram strategies

Fashion is a beautiful and appealing industry that catches one’s attention very quickly. By bringing in a new collection of outfits, many well-known fashion brands successfully sell them very quickly. But you might be wondering what strategy they apply to generate more sales. The answer is the marketing strategy. Every well-known fashion brand that are trending does follow the right marketing strategy. This might include website marketing, e-mail marketing, or social media marketing. High-class fashion brands try to promote their clothes collections by creating various forms of content. By making the right marketing plan and consistently following it, they engage with their target audience and generate high sales. Many fashion houses like Nike, BRKLN Bloke, and many more have become an inspiration for other businesses because of their unique brand presence. Today in this article, we will talk about 10 fashion brands that have top-notch Instagram strategies. By following this brand’s marketing strategy, you can also increase your sales and grow your fashion business.

Top 10 fashion brands that have a top-notch Instagram strategy

Many fashion houses have made their brand presence on Instagram and generated high sales by following the right Instagram marketing strategy. You can also grow your brand on Instagram by getting inspiration from these 10 brands.

1. Crew

1. Crew is one of the fashion brands that promote American-style fashionable clothes. It has created high engagement with 2.4 million followers. With its vibrant kind of feed style, J. Crew keeps consistency in posting its new collection in the form of stories, carousels, and reels to inspire its target audience. They also create unique kinds of in-feed product announcements, the best Instagram strategy.

2. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is another excellent fashion brand where the audience will find beautifully designed and stylish outfits. Anthropologie has created its unique brand presence on Instagram with 4.5 million followers. This fashion house inspires its target audience with colorful images that are bright and patterned. If you want to make your brand’s presence, you can follow Anthropologie’s Instagram strategy.

3. Nike

Nike is another well-known fashion house for streetwear. Here the audience will find various outfits, from sweatshirts to streetwear pants. They have created impressive engagement with 281 million followers. They share reels and carousel posts about their new collection by featuring professional athletes and ordinary people. They have built their audience persona well, aligning with the brand mission “Nike is for everyone.”

4. Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool is another fashion brand with distinctive features and has over 655K followers. It follows a unique marketing strategy to promote its products and make sure they are created in a unique way. They create carousel posts where they show their audience different ways to wear their products. Paloma Wool inspires the audience with a guide on how to use the product and encourages them to purchase it. Paloma Wool follows a good Instagram strategy and can be the best inspiration to grow your business.

5. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a top-notch New York brand that releases collections of clothing, pieces of jewelry, handbags, and other fashion essentials. This brand engages the audience with outfit pictures, behind the scene shoot shorts the design process at the Kate Spade Studio. It inspires audiences with its colorful feed, which includes reels and posts. By following the right Instagram strategy, Kate Spade has made a unique presence that will inspire you.

6. BRKLN Bloke

BRKLN Bloke is a streetwear brand based in Brooklyn. Its mesmerizing monochromatic feeds inspire the audience to buy its collection. They have created various forms of reels and posts that are so alluring and gained the engagement of over 3k followers. They feature various models and promote their new collections. It has used the best marketing strategies you should get inspired from.

7. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has created its Instagram presence with over 6k followers. They provide their customers with high-quality products that are environment friendly. They have inspired the audience by bringing in some unique content posts and videos that include the lifecycle of the products and how it wins sustainability. You can also create your brand presence by following this brand Instagram strategy.

8. Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang is a fashion house that provides clothes and other accessories. It is famous for creating unique versions of posts on everyday staples. It Provides the audience with look books of their clothing and accessories and guides its potential audience on what and how to wear its products. It follows a colorful pattern mesmerizing feed to attract a large audience. If you want high engagement, you can take inspiration from Sandy Liang.

9. Asos

 Asos is another best fashion houses, with over 14 million followers. It follows a unique Instagram strategy that includes video content and still photo posts, allowing its audience to interact and engage with its creative content. It has a colorful and bold feed that includes product promotion by featuring various models. If you want to get attention from the crowd, you should follow Asos’ Instagram strategy.

10. Ziran

Ziran is a luxury fashion brand that follows sustainability by clubbing ancient Chinese techniques. It inspires the audience by giving insight into the behind the scene and lifestyle of their product. It follows a colorful pattern feed that appeals to the audience and creates engagement in their mind to buy their product. They feature models, ordinary people, and teams to promote their products.


Fashion has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Monthly various types of clothes are being produced by various brands and sold in huge numbers. Many well-known fashion houses like Nike, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Paloma Wool, Kate Spade, BRKLN Bloke, Eileen Fisher, Sandy Liang, Asos, and Ziran promote their unique collection using various marketing strategies, and Instagram marketing is one of them. These brands create a proper marketing plan to promote their products to a large audience. They design a buyer’s persona depending on their potential audience and try to approach them by creating various forms of content. They have designed their Instagram feed so perfectly that have helped them to make their unique brand presence and create a high level of engagement. Their Instagram strategy is so strong that has helped them to generate a high number of sales. Following these 10 Fashion brands strategy can help skyrocket your Instagram marketing and grow your business. But keep in mind that you also add some of your unique plans by doing research on Instagram algorithms and understanding your target audience.

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