10 Expert Wedding Planning Tips No Soon to be Wed Should be Without

When you begin planning your wedding, you will need all of the resources that would be helpful for making a smooth transition from Miss to Mrs. Some of these wedding planning ideas are sometimes not as obvious as the usual that you would need for an average event planning. From items such as a bride box subscription optimizing your guest lists, here are a few wedding planning tips every bride to be should use to her advantage.

  1. Subscribe to The Bride Box

It might surprise you how something as seemingly simple as a bridal subscription box could come in handy. However, an item such as the Miss to Mrs bridal subscription box will go a long way not only in assisting with your planning but also providing you with luxurious comforts throughout it all.

  1. Guests Come First

The number of your guests will control almost every aspect of your wedding planning. From your venue to the entertainment and catering. So, endeavor to settle on this first before anything else.

  1. Learn About Marriage Licenses

One aspect that could take some time and can be tempted to overlook until the last minute is the issue of the marriage license. Take the time to learn about the process for your state either online or at the county clerk’s office. Also keep an extra copy of the license with a family member of your maid of honor, just in case you lose yours before the wedding day.

  1. Don’t Compromise Your Budget

Amongst the things to do when planning a wedding would be the somber aspect of the budget. It is advisable to stay within the lines of your limit and to do that sometimes you might have to trim the guest list. Do whatever possible not to compromise your budget. Think more for life than the wedding day itself.

  1. Keep the Weather in Mind

Be sure to consider the weather in relation to your guests among the things you need for a wedding. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, provide tents and fans if possible. If a winter wedding, be sure that the venue would be sufficiently heated and large enough for everyone to stay inside. Also, consider pest control if flies or mosquitoes might be an issue.

  1. Use a Rewards Program

Considering the amount of spending that goes on during wedding planning, it would do you good to get a credit card that has a good rewards program. Using this for all of your purchases will help you acquire points that you could use for future flights and even your honeymoon.

  1. Lean on Referral

One of our wedding tips for the bride has to do with the wedding vendors. Lean of the referral of one vendor from another. Being that they usually work together, a DJ could find you a great caterer or photographer and so on.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Do not hesitate to ask for discounts or an extra hour from vendors that could save you money. You can’t get what you don’t ask for.

  1. Schedule the Setup

When scheduling your event, be sure to include time for set up. From the bar to the band, DJ, or even the food. This wedding tip will help ensure that everything is done in a good time.

  1. Provide an Emergency Contact

Make sure there is an emergency contact your vendors can reach in case of any changes or unexpected circumstances. Be sure to hand out this contact sheet or phone number to them before the wedding.

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