10 Essentials For Your Summer Family Road Trip

Planning for a family road trip can be hectic. Should you pack the Wellements teething oil? Will you need a map? The to-do list seems endless.

Preparing & Packing for Your Summer Roadtrip

Make a checklist for each person to ensure you don’t miss anything. Communal items can go onto a family checklist. Additionally, don’t forget these 10 items you’re sure to need.

1. Snacks

While you’ve probably planned stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the kids are bound to get hungry in between. Pack a few easy snacks, such as pretzels or carrot sticks.

2. Emergency Kit

Heaven forbid your car breaks down, but an emergency kit will come in handy if it does. The kit should include the following:

  • Jumper cables
  • Tools
  • Safety pins
  • Emergency blankets

3. Medication

Pack all daily medications in a specific bag so they’re handy. Many children’s medicines come in liquid form, which may spill or leak. To prevent a sticky mess, pack these in sealable plastic bags. Also, bring supplements and vitamins such as baby vitamin D drops.

4. Bug Spray

Mosquito bites are no fun. Keep pests away with non-greasy bug spray.

5. Tablet

If all else fails, you can settle cranky kids with a movie. Make sure to charge your tablet before you leave or keep a car charger handy.

6. Flashlight

If you’ll be on the road for several days, bring a flashlight. You never know when you’ll need illumination. Also, bring extra batteries or choose a shake-powered model.

7. Hats and Sunglasses

Spending time on the highway means lots of sunlight. Hats and sunglasses protect your family’s eyes. Sunblock is another excellent addition to this list, especially if you stop to explore the great outdoors.

8. Moist Towelettes

Cleaning up messes in a moving car is no easy feat. However, moist towelettes are a great help. Keep a box on hand for sticky fingers and minor spills.

9. Stuffed Animals

Many kids have a beloved stuffed toy that brings comfort. A special doll or animal can lull kids to sleep or help them manage anxiety. Before you head out, make sure you write your family’s name and phone number on the toy’s tag, just in case it gets lost.

10. Change of Clothes

Finally, make sure you have enough clothes for the trip — and then a little extra. You never know when a spill or potty accident will happen, and it’s nice to have fresh clothes on hand.

While on the Road

Road trips can be boring for kids, so plan plenty of entertainment. Car games will keep children busy for the first few hours but don’t rely on them alone. Make a music playlist that includes everyone’s favorite songs and encourage your kids to sing along. If your family listens to audiobooks or podcasts, have a few lined up.

It’s hard to plan for every contingency, so give yourself a break. For example, if you forget the Wellements constipation product, remember that you’ll only be on the road for a few days. You can take care of it when you get back.

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