10 DIY Car Detailing Tips

If you enjoy detailing your car but cannot get the results you expect from the wash, there must be some room for improvement. There are a few small tricks and tips that can change the car wash outcome from good to great. Keeping the car clean can provide a good feeling when you get inside the vehicle, but it is also an excellent way to maintain the car’s value. In the long run, people who maintain their automobiles are more likely to face fewer problems than those who are careless.

To improve the outcome of car detailing, here are few tips you can try:

1. Drying the Car Windows

There are two sides of the glass in windows, windshield and rear windshield, and after a thorough wash, both sides need to be dried. After drying, some marks are left on the transparent windows after drying with a cloth. Use vertical direction for the outside and horizontal direction on the inside to know which side marks are gone. Also, make sure to clean the top of the windows in which some product has been left behind and would drip later.

2. Use a Soft Microfiber Towel

Many people let the car dry by itself in sunlight, leaving marks that are harder to clean than dirt and other marks. Make sure to clean the car after a wash, preferably with a soft microfiber towel, which makes a huge difference. The towel soaks water and gives the car a deep clean of the surface, making the body look clearer than other clothes.

3. Rinsing the Cloth Regularly

It is essential to keep the sponge or preferably microfiber cloth clean while cleaning the car. Not cleaning the fabric can create swirl marks on the car’s body and cause damage to the paint of the vehicle. Ensure to rinse the cloth regularly after you feel the fabric is leaving swirl marks, and drain the cloth thoroughly after rinsing.

4. Car Wax vs. Polish

Car wax and polish seem similar products, and most people use car wax after a wash. Car waxes leave a protective layer of wax after a wash, which repels dirt for a short period. Car polish, on the other hand, can remove scratch marks on the car, which makes it ideal to be used after washing a car. Some people will say that wax and polish are the same things, but there is a difference.

5. Cleaning Under the Seats

Some surfaces are more challenging to clean than others, and one such place is the surface below the car seats. It is essential to clean these surfaces with a vacuum cleaner extension or compressed air blower to clear any dirt and debris. There is a good chance that if you do not clean these surfaces, dirt could crawl out of these spaces due to movement in the car, ruining the auto detailing.

6. Removing Wax with Power Buffer

Power buffers can prove to be a great tool in cleaning the car but removing the wax with one can cause many problems. It is a better idea to apply wax with a power buffer, which will get you to better results in terms of shine. Removing wax with a power buffer leaves an uneven finish and swirls in your glassy coat. Remove the wax with a soft and dry cloth, which will get you to an even thin layer coat of wax.

7. Starting from the Top

Starting with tires and then moving on to the body seems like a good idea since you can get over the easy work first. Cleaning the top can be difficult as it is hard to reach out but start from the top because dirt will flow down if you start with the bottom and ruin your hard work done earlier.

By now, you will be feeling confident enough to start your venture if you can come up with a business plan for car detailing.

8. Buy a Dual Action Polisher

Getting a smooth, clean finish can be a satisfying sight and one of the most important aspects of car detailing. It is only possible with a suitable polishing routine for which investing in a dual-action polisher can be beneficial.

9. Use Compressed Air

After cleaning the car, if an odor persists that you cannot get rid of, try using blowing compressed air on vents from which the smell might be originating. There might be some dust, dirt, or moisture stuck that will clear out after blowing air directly into the vents.

10. Investing in cleaning products

Using cheap materials and tools for cleaning the car will be cost-saving in the short term but will cause damage to the paint in the long run. It is essential to purchasing quality shampoos, polish, clothes, and power buffer, which will give the car look you want to see.

Car detailing can be a fun and satisfying activity for those who love cars inside out. The results can be disappointing, for which you can dry the windows correctly, use a power buffer and polish, start cleaning from the top, and clean under the seats as well.

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