10 Best Custom Band Merch Ideas

Put your band on the map with these incredible custom band merch ideas by Harry styles merch that are sure to gain you fans for a long, long time.

The first concert t-shirt was designed and produced by an Elvis fan club in the late 1950s. Needless to say, band merch has come a long way since then. You can get a band logo printed on just about anything under the sun these days, but there are definitely some classics that fans still search for.

There are some more unique products that can be transformed into custom band merch though, and bands are becoming more and more creative with their merch tables. You aren’t limited to just posters and hoodies these days!

If you’re searching for the best band merch ideas, check out our guide below!

  1. Patches/Stickers

Patches are great merch, especially for younger fans who want to cover their backpacks and jackets in band merch.

With the comeback of jean jackets, you have yet another reason to invest in patches! Patches can come in several varieties. Traditionally patches are ironed on, but you can also get patches with adhesive backs that you can just peel-and-stick.

Stickers are another easy piece of merch that fans can slap on notebooks, skateboards, and laptops. A cheap product to order in bulk and easy promo, all in one!

  1. Useful Merch: Tote Bags

A tote bag is a piece of merch that will work in your favor for years to come. Tote bags show off the band, while also being a functional piece of merch.

Tote bags are a smart piece of merch too. If your fans forgo bringing a backpack to the show, they might be hesitant to buy something like a t-shirt or poster. If they buy a tote, they can then stuff that baby full of other merch too!

Canvas is the way to go with totes. It’s a durable material, and anything you print on it will look crisp and clean.

  1. Buttons

Buttons are an easy collectible item that just about every fan can afford. Buttons are affordable as far as creating merch goes too! Because they’re less expensive to make in bulk, you can come up with a couple of different button design ideas.

Buttons are great too because if your fans stick them on their backpack, anyone who walks behind them will see your band’s logo, album art, or lyrics.

  1. The Classic Custom Band Merch: T-Shirts

If you’ve ever stopped by a merch table after a concert, chances are you’ve picked up a t-shirt.

T-shirts are a classic type of band merch, and it’s hard to go wrong with them. Fans love ’em because they can show up at the next concert and prove their loyalty to the band! They’re a great souvenir that fans can keep for years. You might want to invest in a quality garment printer in order to print T-shirts yourself.

T-shirts are great canvases too. Bands can put their logo or an album cover, and the back is the perfect place to put the list of tour dates!

  1. Phone Cases

We would bet 99 percent of the people showing up to your concerts have a smartphone, so why not give them the chance to flex their favorite band each time they reach to text their friends? Plus, many fans will go out of their way to order a custom case for a band online anyways. Why not make it easier for them?

Choosing a couple of the biggest selling phones and printing some sick artwork or your band’s most recent album cover on cases for them is a unique custom band merch idea that hasn’t been overdone yet!

  1. A Collector’s Dream: Vinyl

Vinyl has made a huge comeback, and it’s often some of the first merch to sell out after a concert. If you want to make a classy merch move, get some custom vinyl.

If you can get colorful vinyl, that packs an even harder punch. But if you have some killer album art, the standard black vinyl will get the job done. Releasing vinyl for every album can diminish the effect though, so pick and choose when you want to release this collectible item.

  1. Posters

Posters are another must-have at any concert. They are usually geared more towards younger teens. How else will their friends know about all the cool bands they listen to?

Posters give bands a lot more flexibility when it comes to designs. You can get some standard ones, featuring just the logo with a photo of the band. However, people tend to get the most excited over ones that have custom artwork or feature some reference to the tour they were sold at.

  1. CD’s

Sure, CDs aren’t quite as popular as they used to be. Being able to stream just about anything you could possibly think of has taken a toll on the physical discography industry.

But there’s still plenty of fans who love collecting CDs, so burn a small batch for those die-hards! Plus, these are great items to sign and mark up a bit.

  1. Trading Cards

Trading cards are a very unique piece of merch that you can make for your fans. There’s something so thrilling about collecting trading cards, especially if the band helps with the design itself.

If you want a similar concept but can’t afford to go all out with trading cards, sell standard card decks in a custom-designed box!

  1. For the Musician: Guitar Picks/Drumsticks

Guitar picks are a tiny piece of merch that fans still clamor for nonetheless. They are a great piece of merch that they can display on a special shelf, or they can take it around with them in their pocket every day.

Drumsticks are going to be a bit bigger and clunkier, but they’re still a fun piece of merch. Plus, as far as drumsticks and guitar picks go, they’re functional merch for any fans who are musicians themselves!

Get Unique

Fans love when merch is unique to their favorite band, so if you have any artists in your band, get them involved in the design process! There are tons of options available when it comes to custom band merch, and it’s a great way to get your band’s name out there.

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