10 Bad Habits That Affect Health During The Winter

In the winter, we often get common ailments like flu, cough, fever, allergies, or even a herniated disc.

For those who are difficult to adapt to this harsh weather, we advise you to avoid bad habits, more severe impact on health. In particular, here are:

10 Mistakes You Ought to Avoid in the Winter

Wearing too many clothes

On cold days, we often wear many clothes to keep our body warm, and the clothes are usually thick. Keeping the body warm is essential, but wearing too many thick coats will not be good for our health.

You should know that the body may become hot and sweaty when wearing warm clothes despite the low temp. When sweating, it will not be held in due to the cold weather. As a result, you will feel colder.

Instead of wearing thick shirts, we recommend you wear many layers. For example, instead of wearing 2 thicker sweaters, you might put into 3 thinner shirts. Thus, we can both keep the body warm and moisturize the skin.

Using socks when sleeping

Using socks when sleeping is a bad habit in the winter. It seems a bit unreasonable, but the reality is that. Socks may reduce the cold you feel, but it will affect your health negatively in the winter.

According to scientists, hands and feet are two parts of the body that help us adapt to the cold and the changes in the atmosphere. So, it had better not wear socks while sleeping.

If we wear socks while sleeping, they will interfere with blood flow, especially the blood from the limbs back to the heart. It affects health, even lead to blood clotting in the limbs.

So, when you go to bed in winter, you should not wear socks.

Drinking less water

This is one of the most common and serious mistakes of many people in the winter. We often drink a lot of water in summer, but we drink less water in cold days. Why is that? Simply because the winter, people are less physically active, so there is less sweat released, thereby decreasing the demand for water.

The British Dietetic Association recommends us to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, even in the winter. Insufficient intake of water will result in dehydration, even kidney and indigestion problems in worse cases.

Eating many fried foods

During the winter, our body becomes lazier, and we tend to eat more than in other seasons. This is because we need more energy to keep the body warm.

High-fat foods are preferred over other foods. But, don’t maintain this eating habit that is terrible for your health. You will accumulate more body fat, leading to obesity and other diseases such as fatty liver, fatty blood.

To stay healthy in the winter, you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fried foods. It is imperative not to skip workouts to burn excess calories. Keep in mind!


In the winter, almost people spend more time in their blanket. They eat, sleep, and rest on a bed. This situation greatly affects our health.

Scientifically, we ought to exercise and spend time to go out of the bed on the cold days. Don’t stay on the blanket for a long time, then rest and sleep.

If you sleep too much these days, our normal sleep cycle has been disrupted by new sleeping habits. As the winter season passes, people accustomed to this sleep cycle must make another effort to bring the body back to the normal sleep cycle. Never forget this!

Lazy for an extended time

As mentioned above, people are often at home and lazy to exercises. It is not good for your health.

On warmer days, you should go outside to get some exercise. This will help you increase blood circulation, keeping the body in a natural warm state. Also, regular exercise will help us have the supple body, flexible joints, and avoid disc herniation.

Using lots of unnecessary skin creams

A common mistake that many of use make is to use too many skin creams in the winter, including moisturizers, rose water, and other makeups. Of course, moisturizing creams are perfect in the winter, but you should not abuse them.

Using a lot of lotion means you will not get rid of dead skin cells, which can lead to acne. This also hinders the respiration process of the skin, which causes skin imbalance. What’s worse, inappropriate cosmetics can cause skin allergies.

Drying the clothes in the house

It seems difficult to dry in the cold winter days, so drying our clothes indoor is a common practice in every family. This is effective, but it is hazardous to our health.

The wet clothes under the impact of heat will release toxic organic compounds into the environment. These are formed in laundry detergents, plastic, metal items that are attached to clothes, or even surfaces of clothes. This will increase the risk of respiratory infections for those in your home, especially the elderly and children.

It is recommended to dry your clothes near the window. This is to ensure that the toxic substances will go out and reduce the adverse effects on the health of your family members.

Do not apply sunscreen

On winter days, if there are the sunny rays, that is cool. People often like joining outdoor activities to sunbathe. However, many people do not know that the sunlight in winter is much more harmful than in the summer. Because there are many winds dispelling clouds that block out the harmful UV rays for the skin in the winter.

That’s why you still have to use sunscreen during the winter if you do not want to get sunburned or increase your risk of skin cancer.

Take medication too often

The winter is coming; the weather is cold and rainy. So, people are susceptible to colds and coughs. But is it good to take medicines if whenever you have symptoms?

No! Because using too many drugs will weaken your immune system, making your body more susceptible to infection later on.

Those who have this habit need to quit immediately. In the winter, our health is very vulnerable, so pay attention and build healthy habits to protect the health of yourself and your family better. You can view helpful advice from experienced doctors https://thoatvidiadem.net to prevent and treat common diseases during the winter.

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