10 Alternative Apps like CotoMovies

Have you been using CotoMovies to watch movies and shows on your iPhone or iPad? Then no doubt you are disappointed that it has disappeared and the reason for that is because it isn’t strictly legal – it does provide free streaming of copyright material, after all. Don’t fret though; there are plenty of alternatives on offer.

Top 10 CotoMovies Alternatives:

We searched through hundreds of streaming apps and found quite a few that we think offer the best choices and value for money. All of these are legal to use and these are the ten we think you will enjoy.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is one of the best-known names, offering one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. They also offer two subscriptions – Amazon Prime and Prime Video. Both provide you with access to thousands of movies and TV series, including Amazon Originals. While there is plenty included in the subscription, some do have a purchase or rental price attached – you are not obliged to pay for anything though. Some movies can be downloaded for offline watching and new users will get a 30-day free trial.


Hulu is completely free to use and is proving to be very popular. In the app, you will find access to a ton of movies, shows, and series, with features such as one-click play, Chromecast support, and cross-platform support. It is web-based so you will need an internet connection but there is plenty to choose from.


A subscription-based service, Netflix is one of the most popular and offers a massive choice of content. With all the latest movies and shows, along with all your old favorites, Netflix has one of the biggest content choices. A recommendation engine makes recommendations based on what you watch – the more you watch the better it gets. Updates add new content on a regular basis, some stuff can be downloaded for offline watching and content is geo-restricted.

Mediaset Play

Another free app, this app provides tons of TV series, shows, movies, foreign language content, documentaries, and so much more. With a  Restart feature, you can be sure you will ever miss the beginning of a movie again and support is provided for casting to larger screens.


Vudu is yet another free app, although it is ad-supported but these are not intrusive. Streaming is in HDX and there is support for Airplay. With more than 10,000 titles on offer, there is plenty of choice for all tastes and you can watch some of them offline.


Viewster is aimed at fans of Japanese anime and you have plenty to choose from. With movies, TV shows, popular anime and much more, you shouldn’t need another anime app. It is supported by ads and there is plenty of content that you cant get from anywhere else.

Globo Play

Globo Play provides users with a wide range of global content including movies, shows, drawings, programs and more. Offline mode is supported and, if books are your thing, there are several novels on offer too. You can watch for free but you get many more benefits if you subscribe to the premium app.

Tubi TV

A quite recent addition to the streaming app stable, Tubi TV is by no means a large service. However, popularity is growing as is the amount of content on offer and you get to choose from a large range of movies, TV series ad shows in all the popular genres. There is no offline mode so an internet connection is required and you will need a free account to stream anything.


Sling is a subscription app, with two subscriptions on offer. You can watch movies, documentaries, TV shows, series, cartoons, sports and so much more with more than 10,000 viewing hours. There are also popular channels like Disney Channel, Nat Geo, Fox and more and all available in at least 20 languages.

123 movies

Another free app, 123 movies is ad-supported and, if you are not quick enough to watch, the content does disappear quite quickly. However, there is plenty to choose from, including all the latest shows and movies, and loads of classics too. With regular updates, more is added constantly and it is completely free.

Each and every one of these CotoMovies alternatives is legal to use and most are free. Those that work on a subscription basis offer great value for money and are not expensive. Give them a go; the subscription-based apps offer free trials, and find the one that suits you the best.

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