08 Effective Ways to Cure Back Pain without Surgery!

Nowadays, back pain is a very common problem, every one of us is a target of back pain. Though it is not a disease, but when we suffer from back pain, our entire body’s performance gets affected. There are thousands of ways by which we can have back pain, some of which include, bad posture, using electronic gadgets in the wrong manner, fewer exercise habits, etc. In our busy routine, we just forget to take care of ourselves, and because of that negligence, we suffer from such pains. So here are a few tips which can help you cure your back pain:


A breeze of air cures thousands of diseases. Physical activity is the best medicine, walking is more effective than eating ample of tablets or medicines. A 10 to 20 minutes exercise helps your posture to be upright and keeps you fit too. If you are going through serious back pain, so try to exercise for a week, and even then you couldn’t cure your pain, then consult a doctor, most of the time, no one goes to a doctor, check it yourself.

Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture is a really difficult task, even though it is killing our back, we still sit in the wrong posture only. We could increase the pressure on our back by 50%, just by leaning over the sink in the wrong direction. Just imagine, a wrong curvature can affect your back so much, then what must be happening when you sit at an upright position the whole day.


Tension and firmness cause the muscles to get stiff, and due to this, we have certain problems with our muscles and joints. Stiffness and tension is the main cause of back pain, and this could only be cured when we relax for a while or have regularly-based massages. When you will keep your muscles and joints flexible, then only you will get healed from joint pains and muscle pain.

Ice and Heat Technique

If you have a back injury from car accident, then ice and heat technique method might not work, because it involves muscle pain and joint pains, it does not cure injuries. If you want to cure the injury, you might have to apply medications and certain creams to heal it. Ice and heat technique is most suitable when you are encountered with swelling or other sorts of injury. Heating pads and cold packs should be used after 48 hours so that the injury should not get worse.

Sleep the Right Way

Sleeping is a crucial element in everyone’s life, without sleep, we could not even live for a week. Even though sleeping is so important in one’s life, we still stay awake late at night, some of us are doing their work, whilst some of us are busy using mobile phones or laptops. Due to this habit, your muscles get stretched, and you also start to feel tired, which later results in neck or back pain. Even if you sleep daily at the perfect time, your posture also matters a lot. Never sleep on the stomach, it causes neck and head to twist and causes stress on the back. The back sleepers should put pillows under their feet, whilst the side sleepers should put their pillow between their knees, this prevents back pain.

Quit Smoking

Nowadays, youth have been indulged in smoking. Some of them have started smoking due to stress and to remove tensions from their life, whilst some of them smoke in their leisure time. Smoking is injurious to health and can lead to hundreds of thousands of problems. Amongst those millions of problems, back pain is also the one. Even though you feel that smoking and back pain has no connection between them, they still do. A recent study has suggested that former smokers have been affected by back pain more than the ones who have never smoked in their lifetime.

Conversational Therapies

Talk therapies are quite the most effective ways to relieve back pain. The most common causes of back pain are depression and anxiety. People nowadays are more stressed-out, and due to that, they get back pains. An emotional state of a person can only be revealed through conversational therapies.

Relax, and Relive!

Instead of medication, try meditation. Results have shown that meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc. can do wonders for your body. It is not only a form of exercise for the brain, but it also helps you cure many injuries and pains too.

Here are a few tips which can help relieve your back pain. Though these home remedies might take some time to cure, but for sure it will not harm your body at all. Though medication gives instant healing, but they aren’t good.

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