070 Shake Net Worth Overview: The Financial Symphony

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of music, 070 Shake net worth emerges as a significant achievement in hip-hop. Shake’s journey, marked by lyrical depth and musical innovation, is a testament to her artistic prowess and commercial success. Her success story reflects her impact in the music industry and her savvy as an artist navigating the complexities of fame and fortune​​. 

This comprehensive overview seeks to unravel the tapestry of her life and career, highlighting the milestones that have culminated in her substantial net worth. From her early beginnings to her current status as a music industry icon, we will delve into the various aspects that have shaped her journey, offering a holistic view of an artist who has become a symbol of creativity and financial success in the modern music landscape.

Who is 070 Shake?

Danielle Balbuena, better known by her stage name 070 Shake, is a formidable presence in the American hip-hop scene. Born on June 13, 1997, in North Bergen, New Jersey, she has carved a niche with her unique sound and introspective lyrics that resonate with a diverse audience​​. A key member of the musical collective 070, she played a pivotal role in their mixtape, ‘The 070 Project: Chapter 1,’ released in 2016. This project was just the beginning of a flourishing solo career.

Shake’s music often explores themes of love, addiction, and existential questions, setting her apart in a genre that thrives on authenticity and emotional resonance. Balbuena’s contribution to music goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a voice for those navigating the complexities of modern life, making her an influential figure in the rap and hip-hop scenes.

Real NameDanielle Balbuena
DOBJune 13, 1997
BirthplaceNorth Bergen, New Jersey
RelationshipLily-Rose Depp
070 Shake net worth$3 million

070 Shake Net Worth

070 Shake net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, a figure that underscores her successful career in music and modelling​​. Her financial landscape is as diverse as her musical portfolio, comprising various streams of income that reflect her multifaceted career. Key among these are her earnings from album sales, music tours, and live performances, which have been substantial given her growing popularity and the critical acclaim her work has received.

Songwriting royalties form another significant part of her income, with her profound and introspective lyrics resonating with audiences worldwide. Her engagement in brand promotions, endorsements, and sponsorships also adds to her financial portfolio, highlighting her appeal and influence beyond music. Her presence on digital platforms, particularly her self-titled YouTube channel with over 242K subscribers and more than 54 million views, is not just a medium for artistic expression but also a lucrative source of income​​.

070 Shake’s financial success is a mirror of her artistic growth. Her journey from an aspiring artist to a celebrated name in the music industry is marked by well-received projects and collaborations that have expanded her fanbase and, consequently, her earnings. Her ability to meld soulful lyrics with compelling rhythms has endeared her to a global audience and cemented her position as both a commercial and artistic success.

Early Life

The early life of 070 Shake, or Danielle Balbuena, offers insight into the formative years that shaped her artistic vision. From a young age, Balbuena exhibited a fondness for creativity and a deep connection with music. Her childhood experiences, laced with the diverse cultural backdrop of North Bergen, played a crucial role in her development as an artist. These early years were a time of growth and self-discovery as she began to explore the various facets of her identity and artistic expression.

The influence of her family, her community, and her early experiences with music all contributed to the foundation upon which she would build her career. These formative years shaped her unique perspective, which she would later infuse into her music, resonating with audiences worldwide. Her early life, therefore, stands as a critical chapter in the story of 070 Shake, laying the groundwork for her journey into the world of music.


Danielle Balbuena’s educational journey significantly influenced her development as an artist. She attended North Bergen High School, where she honed her skills and expanded her knowledge base. Balbuena’s time in school was marked by a blend of academic pursuits and creative exploration, which laid the foundation for her future endeavors​​.

During her high school years, Balbuena was known for her intelligence and hard work. These traits and her artistic inclinations contributed to her well-rounded development. Her education provided her with academic knowledge and life skills that would prove invaluable in her later career.

The environment at North Bergen High School, with its diverse student body and range of opportunities, offered Balbuena a platform to express herself and explore her interests. This period of her life was crucial in shaping her worldview and artistic identity, elements that are prominently reflected in her music and public persona.

Personal Life: 070 Shake’s Relationships

The personal life of 070 Shake, particularly her relationships, has garnered public interest alongside her professional career. As of the latest reports, Balbuena is not married but is in a relationship with singer Kehlani. While private, this aspect of her life offers a glimpse into the person behind the artist​​.

Her relationship with Kehlani, a fellow artist, reflects her journey and her connections in the industry. Balbuena’s personal life, much like her music, is characterized by depth and authenticity. She maintains privacy, sharing aspects of her life selectively with her fans, which adds to the intrigue surrounding her persona.

Personal and professional interactions and relationships in her life have undoubtedly influenced her music and artistic expression. These experiences, woven into the fabric of her songs, contribute to the relatability and emotional depth that define her work.

Professional Life

070 Shake’s professional life is a testament to her talent and determination. She started her career as a model in 2015, showcasing her versatility and creative expression in a different medium. This foray into modelling paved the way for her subsequent success in music​​.

Danielle’s music career took off with the release of her first mixtape, ‘The 070 Project: Chapter 1,’ in 2016, followed by her debut EP, ‘Glitter,’ in 2018. Her songwriting is notable for exploring complex themes such as drug addiction, love, and mortality, which has resonated with a broad audience. Balbuena’s work is characterized by a raw and authentic style, setting her apart in the industry​​.

Shake’s debut extended play, ‘Glitter,’ released in March 2018, marked a significant milestone in her journey as a solo artist. The EP garnered widespread attention, cementing her position in the music industry. Songs like “Bass for My Thoughts” and “Trust Nobody” showcased her talent and highlighted her ability to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Her success is not just limited to her music releases. Balbuena won the Best Music Video Award for ‘Nice to Have’ at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, underscoring her impact as an artist. Her professional journey is marked by continuous growth and innovation, making her one of the most notable figures in contemporary music.

Age, Height, and Weight

070 Shake, also known as Danielle Balbuena, is 27 years old, having been born on June 13, 1997. In the entertainment world, where physical appearance often garners as much attention as talent, Balbuena’s physical attributes interest many of her fans. 

She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, a stature she carries with confidence and grace both on and off the stage. While her weight is not publicly disclosed, Balbuena’s presence is marked by a strong and commanding physicality, complementing her profound musical persona​​.

Her age, height, and overall physical appearance, while only a small part of her identity, contribute to the public’s perception of her as an artist. Balbuena’s youthfulness and physical and vocal presence make her a compelling figure in the music industry, resonating with a wide and diverse audience.

Social Media Profiles

070 Shake’s influence extends beyond her music into social media, where she actively engages with her fanbase. Her presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is not just a means of communication but also a crucial aspect of her brand and public persona. 

She boasts significant followers on Instagram and has a significant following on her other social media accounts ​​. Her self-titled YouTube channel, created on April 10, 2019, has garnered over 242K subscribers and more than 54 million views. This channel is a vital outlet for her to share her music and connect with fans, further amplifying her reach and influence. The content shared across these platforms ranges from personal insights to professional updates, providing fans a comprehensive view of her life as an artist​​.

070 Shake’s social media profiles testify to her ability to adapt to the changing dynamics of the music industry, where digital presence is as crucial as musical talent. Her active engagement on these platforms enhances her connection with her audience and contributes to her overall net worth, showcasing her insight as an artist in the digital age.

Facebook: @070shake

Instagram: @070shake

Twitter: NA

YouTube: @070Shake

Website: NA


Finally, 070 Shake’s journey in the music industry is a remarkable narrative of talent, perseverance, and adaptability. From her early life and educational background to her evolving professional career and personal life, each aspect of her story contributes to the artist and individual she is today. 070 Shake net worth is a significant figure in the contemporary music scene, her influence extending beyond her music to her presence in the digital world​​​​​​.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, her impact on the music industry and her fans is undeniable. 070 Shake’s journey, punctuated by achievements and challenges, remains an inspiring example for aspiring artists and a testament to the power of authentic artistic expression in shaping a successful career.

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