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All about the Webinar

February 9, 2018 | By Athar | No Comments | Filed in: Software.

Surely you’ve heard the word webinar more than once. In principle, it may seem like a term to designate something very technical, but do not be fooled by English. A webinar is just a conference through the network. A seminar to offer some new and relevant information, promote a product or advance an online course. In fact, these meetings are also called video conference or conference call. But why are we interested in webinars so much? The truth is that these virtual seminars have proven to be great allies for the business world. The reason is that they allow us to offer in a very simple way what consumers are looking for today: valuable content and closer proximity to the brand.

The webinars are usually developed in a relaxed atmosphere and give the possibility to chat or chat with attendees. That is to say, physical distance is not a problem for interaction, but rather the opposite. In addition, they have some other very important advantages for companies:

  • The online seminars can be done from home or office, making it very comfortable for partners. This also benefits the attendees, who only need an internet connection to listen to the conference.
  • A webinar does not involve any expense for the company or, at least, the economic cost is much less than if it were a traditional meeting. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to rent any space or hire infrastructure.
  • Technology opens the door to features that we would not have in the offline environment. For example, we can share a screen, make notes for users, record the seminar and disseminate it later, etc. Finally, and more importantly, to buy webinar jeo attracts a potential audience of great value to the brand. And, it is that only consumers who really have a great interest in the subject of the seminar are enrolled to him. In this way, the possibilities of selling grow exponentially.

After finished or in the “after” of the conference on the Internet it is very convenient to upload the video from this to the blog, to the website of our company and also to social networks sharing what happened with those who could not attend. Finally, after saying goodbye to the attendees is a good idea to ask a few lines with the opinion about what they lived in the Webinar and the benefit that they have taken from it. This will be the good material to have and from these opinions, see where you can improve correcting the shortcomings that may have our marketing and sales strategy.

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