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The best electric skateboards

March 11, 2018 | By Athar | No Comments | Filed in: Gadgets.

In our page we have spent years analyzing the most purchased on the Internet, and sometimes we have to talk about really weird things that are funny. This time it’s the turn of that flying electric skateboard called hoverboard (you really slip, do not fly but well). If you have searched for “hoverboard price” and you have found us do not worry, because not only will we analyze the best quality-price, we will also tell you the best places where you can buy them and what to expect from a luxury toy that can cost you less than 150 Euros if you know where to buy it. Some brands buy it in China, they put a sticker and they raise the price € 1,000, we help you not to make this mistake and go directly to the manufacturer.

We have analyzed according to balance and comfort for quite a few hours and we have tested the most outstanding hoverboards in the market. We have come to the conclusion that there is no model that stands out much above the rest as they more or less work in the same way with a very similar technology (we have even opened them to see their insides). Still, we will give you some buying tips on the best you can choose when buying hoverboard .

Electric skateboards buy the best model quality – price

Our objective with this guide was to determine the most remarkable differences that exist between the models that appear and that are really the same to the exterior (sometimes the prices of hoverboards cover a quite extensive range as well). As we have briefly commented, we have seen that the alternatives of cheap hoverboards were better than models of more than € 1,000, those that call themselves “real hoverboard”. Since the hardware that controls a cheap hoverboard is easier to control.

After many tests looking at models, asking them to test (returning them too …) to fit the criteria to follow, we found the similarities that we mentioned. Still Aliexpress model is the only hoverboard to buy by a company with good technical support that have answered our emails and questions. The electric skateboard has the “learn mode” that makes it easier to start using it than the others. It has come to us without problem although it has taken a few weeks. Some friends took only a week but usually they are not that fast.

We have felt more comfortable going faster than the other models too. In addition to having a UL certified loader, something that some do not have although the hoverboard prices are somewhat cheaper. This certificate ensures that it will not start burning suddenly. We do not know about you, but I do not want unexpected fires in any of my vehicles… In addition to this it comes with Bluetooth so you can play music. And entering more into design we had the red in our hands that we liked a lot, but you can choose between black, blue, red, yellow and white. As you probably have already seen, these hoverboards come with LED light that follows the rhythm of the music.

These are the ones we have proven to be the ones that have been most valued and bought on the internet. The first one we have mentioned (Innjoo) electric skateboard that we have declared as champion, however it is worth the same but the one we have chosen has more quality. Its construction in materials is somewhat better than the Innjo and some users commented that the first day was already broken. As we mentioned above, our advice is to buy a cheap hoverboard with a guarantee and minimal customer service. In the models that we have tested, Aliexpress has fulfilled this and we have felt very comfortable to try it.

The rest of the models that we have tried have a similar design, with that platform in the middle of your feet and a wheel on each side. Some were almost identical, with only different aesthetic points such as some curves in the wheels that made them different. However, they are likely to be made even in the same factory in China. The Hovertax for example, it seems that it had better hardware, it was a bit smaller in dimensions, and without a doubt this came from another manufacturer. What is clear is that all models weigh a good 10 kg approximately.

All had similar but not identical technical characteristics. Some had a slower speed limit, equivalent to walking fast. We have not tried very hard the maximum speed, but if we have seen that the electric skateboard was in the middle of how fast it could go, so in this aspect we do not stand out especially. We also say that we feel more comfortable going faster with the electric skateboard, even in advanced mode, because of the feeling of balance. Regardless of this, we do not think you want to use an electric scooter faster than walking, since physically you cannot hold onto a support and this makes it more dangerous.

In the tests each one of them had different weights but in general they are quite heavy although you have covers to take them. For what it does to the price to bear, some hold almost 100kg although it would vary some kilos up some down. For an average adult, there will be no problem to damage it with the price itself. The technologies of the interior vary and some differences are noticed in a technical way, but they do not matter for the majority of the people since they will not use it only when using it. Some models use gyros to rotate and balance, while others use simple mechanics that rotate when you notice changes in the feet, leveling your natural sense of balance to achieve similar mechanics in behavior. Be that as it may, in the analyzes that we did in this aspect, the cheap models behaved the same from the outside.…