Benefits of Hemp Oil

April 25, 2018 | By Athar | Filed in: Medical.
  1. Reduce stress and anxiety

Chronic stress can worsen our quality of life, so stressed people are always looking for proven ways to change this reality. Hemp oil has the ability to release pleasure hormones and relax the mind. Reduce stress and allow a sense of calm and peace to take over your body. The chemical components of hemp, called cannabinoids, activate specific receptors located throughout the body to produce pharmacological effects, particularly in the central nervous system and the immune system.

A 2013 study conducted at Israel’s Haifa University found that using cannabinoid treatment after a traumatic experience can regulate the emotional reaction to trauma and prevent stress-induced disabilities. Treatment with cannabinoids minimized stress receptors in the basolateral amygdala (the nuclei that receive the most sensory information) and the hippocampus (the part of the brain that is known as the center of emotions).

You cannot sleep? Hemp oil for pain relief is the best! The relaxing effect of this oil helps people sleep peacefully, relieving anxiety and restlessness. A scientific study in 2015, published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, found that hemp treatment helps military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Studies indicate that cannabinoids, the psychoactive components of raw hemp, regulate the release of neurotransmitters and produce a wide variety of effects on the central nervous system, such as a greater sense of satisfaction and an alteration of memory processes.

Cross-sectional studies have found a direct correlation between the appearance of more severe PTSD symptoms and the increased intention to use hemp in order to deal with it, especially among those patients who have difficulty controlling their emotions or who have little stress tolerance Using hemp as a treatment, military veterans with PTSD reported a reduction in their anxiety and insomnia and an improvement in their ability to cope.

  1. Alter appetite

For those who want to gain weight, perhaps after recovering from an illness or injury, hemp essential oil is recognized to increase appetite. The oil also produces hunger and stimulates the digestive system – this is possible due to the hormones that are released when inhaling and consuming hemp.

According to the International Weekly Journal of Science, hemp oil for pain relief causes the release of hormones that increase hunger and pain relief. Nerve cells play a fundamental role in this process, since neurons in the brain release a hormone that reduces hunger and one that stimulates appetite.

Depending on which hormone is stimulated, hemp can increase or reduce appetite. For this reason, hemp oil can help patients with eating disorders, as it can also be a natural way to treat obesity. This manipulation of the cannabinoid system is becoming more popular and more research is being done to determine its efficacy in patients with weight problems.


  1. Encourage eye health

Studies have shown that hemp oil helps treat macular degeneration and glaucoma naturally. Glaucoma is an optic nerve disease that can cause visual loss or blindness. It occurs due to an accumulation of fluid in the eye that exerts pressure on the optic nerve, the retina and the lens. The pressure can cause permanent damage to the eyes if a treatment is not applied. Although many factors increase the damage caused to the optic nerve in patients with glaucoma, it has been found that the level of intraocular pressure (known as IOP) is definitely related.

According to the American Glaucoma Society, hemp has shown the ability to reduce IOP in both normal people (without glaucoma) and those who suffer from glaucoma, and therefore could be a natural treatment for glaucoma. One fact that must be taken into account about hemp’s ability to reduce IOP is that it only has effect for a short period of time, so patients would have to use hemp every three hours.

Most of the studies that are done about the benefit that hemp offers are analyzing the effects of smoking marijuana, which has side effects such as damage to the lungs! More research is needed to test hemp treatments and supplements.

  1. Hemp oil for pain relief

Hemp has been used as an analgesic substance for millennia. Tests indicate that cannabinoids may be useful for pain modulation, since they inhibit neuronal transmission in pain transmission pathways. Oil has the ability to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, which is why cancer patients who receive chemotherapy often turn to hemp essential oil for relief. Also for this reason, this oil could be part of the natural treatment of fibromyalgia. This hemp oil for pain relief works wonders!

A 2010 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal indicates that hemp can help patients with chronic pain. In this study, 23 adults with post-traumatic or post-surgical neuropathic pain were randomly chosen to receive hemp with four different potencies during 4 periods of 14 days in a cross-over study. The daily average of pain intensity was measured using a numeric scale of 11 points, and the results indicate that a single inhalation of hemp herb containing tetrahydrocannabinol three times a day for five days reduced the pain intensity of the patients, improved her sleep quality and was well tolerated.

  1. It promotes cardiovascular health

The antioxidant properties of hemp benefit the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Studies in animals indicate that hemp treatment can prevent a number of cardiovascular conditions, including hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.

In 2014, for the first time, the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham conducted a study that indicated that cannabinoids affect blood vessels by relaxing and expanding them. By relaxing blood vessels, hemp represents a natural way to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Since this is the first study in humans to evaluate the efficacy of hemp as a treatment for heart disease, there is still much research to be done to prove that this is a safe method of treatment. Follow the legal and safe methods of obtaining hemp to ensure the greatest amount of health benefits and limit side effects.

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