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A large block fell on your parked car and now you have a huge hole in the windshield. Then it’s time to look for a first-level replacement. Or maybe a little debris hit the windshield when they were “working” on the road and now has a small crack. (Sigh!) As a recommendation, better repair it before it expands. What is certain is that if a car windshield has a two-inch-wide picket; it will soon be a ten-inch crack if it does not repair it. See the website.

Type of Cracks in windshield for cars:

There are many different types of cracks, some can be repaired more easily than others. For example, the star type (radial cracks leaving the point of impact), bull’s eye (it is circular, for damage caused by a circular object) or partial bull’s eye (also known as Half Moon, is also caused by a circular object, the damage is not completely circular), Crack picket (size of a crack of a quarter of an inch), or Picket (small piece of glass missing) can be easily repaired.

What is a windshield for cars?

The windscreen for cars consists of two layers of glass that are held together by an intermediate layer “PVB” (polyvinyl butyral). This has several advantages, especially in an accident so that external objects cannot easily enter the interior of the vehicle (or the occupants get thrown out of the vehicle) and that also does not break into numerous small parts. The PVB layer can also help protect against UV rays, the disc may sound and may have a sound of damping.


We have experienced technicians can come directly to your home or office, or you can visit our website. We are number 1 among the glass repair specialists. We solve problems for your auto glass! Trust us, our expert technicians in automotive glassware are waiting for you. Visit our website.

Each Windshield is different

What kind of things do we take into account when repairing or replacing a windshield? If you are not sure if the car windshield needs repair or replacement, expert technicians will do it for you! What’s more, even if you think you are calling us just to replace the windshield, we inform you that you may be able to save the replacement expense and repair at a lower cost.

Don’s Mobile Glass always aims to repair instead of replacing. However, if a car windshield needs to be replaced, we will complete the replacement quickly and get it back on the road as soon as possible. We are able to do this by ensuring that expert technicians have access to a wide range of quality windshields and vehicle glass. So, no matter what type of car you have, Don’s Mobile Glass can offer you a replacement vehicle glass at the best cost and quality in Service.

If the car windshield needs repair, then there’s nothing better than calling Don’s Mobile Glass; One of the main windshield repair companies in with technicians at your full service, you can drive to our nearest windshield repair shop or call for one of our specialized technicians to go to your home, work, road or wherever is your vehicle. Our goal is to make your car windshield repair as quick, easy and safe as possible. So as soon as you can detect a problem with the windshield, call the experts of Don’s Mobile Glass. You must visit the website.

You have our complete assurance that whenever possible we will repair your car windshield, instead of replacing it. But if your windshield cannot be repaired we will replace it with a high-quality windshield that we have in stock. When it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your damaged windshield, we always advise you on the best option for you and your vehicle. For more information or to discuss windshield repair or replacement costs, contact Don’s Mobile Glass or visit website.

The Mobile Glass quality:

To guarantee an excellent quality of our services, our technicians have extensive experience preceded by a rigorous and continuous training process.

Replace or Repair a Windshield?

Knowing the difference can save the driver money

One of the first questions that arise after damage to the windshield for cars is whether they can be repaired or replaced. Previously, damaged windshields always had to be replaced. It was very expensive, so the repairs penetrated more and more. In fact, many insurance companies offer a free service to their customers, to repair the windshield instead of replacing it. Find here more information about windshield repair Repairing windshields for cars are often the preferred solution because only the repair is replaced by that of the vehicle manufacturer. Read more points to consider when deciding on “repair or replace your windshield”.

Cracks and scratches on windshields

Cracks or landslides are usually caused by situations, such as when a stone is thrown from a moving vehicle in front of you. Splinters on windshields for unrepaired cars are often the starting point of a crack and therefore a bigger problem. Scratches on the glass can often be transformed into cracks; however, in contrast to these, they only affect the glass surface and not the entire glass layer.

If you are not sure about needing a repair or replacement of your car windshield, the expert technicians of Windshield OB will do it! Not only that, even if you think about calling to replace your windshield we may be able to guide you to obtain a better solution and quickly and effectively repair the flaw or picket. Don’s Mobile Glass always aims to repair instead of replacing the windshield for cars. However, if the glass of your car does not need to be replaced, we will complete the quick replacement and get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. We are able to do this, ensuring that expert technicians have access to a wide range of windshields for quality cars and vehicle glass.

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